About Us

M/s dy-mach pharma is established in the year 1979, licensed by the food and drug administration Gujrat, Gandhinagar to Manufacture bulk drugs (active ingredient). The Manufacturing and wholeselling Licenses are issued by food & Drug Administration (FDA) Gujarat.

Our Certifications

i. WHO-GMP Certificate no: WHO-GMP/19081543
Issued by FDCA Gandhinagar Gujarat State
ii. Drug Manufacturing License no G-201 and G-445:
Issued by FDCA Gandhinagar Gujarat State

iii.ISO 9001:2015 Certificate no: 104130120
Issued by Quality Veritas Certification Limited
iv. ISO 9001:2015 Certificate no: 104130120
Issued by Quality Veritas Certification Limited
Issued by Ministry of commerce and Industry

Description of Manufacture

From the humble beginning more than two & half decades ago M/s.dy-mach pharma has grown in to a well established and internationally known supplier of specialties. This has been result of strong and deep rooted belief in the basic values, which has made M/s.dy-mach pharma not simply the producer of active molecules but the savior of life. This basic values guide them through in all function- performed by the firm, be it of purchasing, manufacturing marketing etc. M/s dy-mach pharma was convinced in august 1979 fast action saw land & factory acquisition from Gujarat state industrial corporation in 1980 & in that very year m/s dy-mach pharma went in to the production. M/s. dy-mach pharma began its story under the leadership of two dynamic technocrats Dr. ATUL .D. DESAI (Doctor of Philosophy) & Mr. MAHESH .H. DOSHI whose commerce graduate with further degree in law & business management. The team work of this two individual has laid to the strong foundation of a successful & vibrant firm, as a result M/s dy-mach pharma finds 60% of its production in world market, needless to say that company’s Mfg. facilities confirms to current good manufacturing practice(cGMP). The products are regularly export to more than 20 countries in the world market including market in europe. The company is managed by qualified staff to provide leadership through quality. M/s.dy-mach pharma internal image comprises a professional staff, well –kept facilities & equipment, explicit quality system, safe working environment, quality product and services. Providing high quality product and processes and uncompromising conformance to the requirement of the legislation are cornerstones of our success. Also, we conceive environmental protection as one of our company’s main objective. Through efficient use of our resources we enhance the quality of products, processes & services. We are involve in never ending improvement process of the quality of our operations & everyone at M/s dy-mach pharma is committed to the quality efforts. We at M/s dy-mach pharma appreciate our personnel and encourage them to be innovative in their work and provide them with training and tools necessary for our operations. Customer is the first priority in all aspect of our operation. Our objective is to provide products and services that consistently meet the need and expectation of our customer.